Who and why?

Having already designed a growing portfolio of websites, it was time to showcase them on a platform that was separate from the I.T. side of the business and allow customers to view the templates, designs and ideas that are available to them.

In 2023, Sort it Web was acquired by Web Solutions NZ, a family business soon to be based in South island.


Founding  Philosophy

Our Website design and management techniques are created with the customers businesses and personalities in mind. They are designed to bring the medium of advertising online to all who want affordable clean websites without the hassles that can come with establishing a web presence. We ensure that all of our customers’ sites keep pace with the changes caused by the growth in Tablets, Mobile Devices and SEO.

Under Web Solutions NZ, Sort it Web continues to be run with a similar ethos with a focus on customer care, keeping your website up to date and running smoothly.

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